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Cul de Sac map Sol é Luna Momovino Bistro Sorry, no website, see our list The Radisson in Anse Marcel has opened. They have a beach restaurant and a bistro. There are several other good restaurants. Sol é Luna has regularly been voted "most romantic" by the readers of the Daily Herald. Momo opened Ti Bouchon to rave reviews at the start of the 2005/2006 season and continues to turn out very interesting food. Click on the restaurant names on the map to jump to their website, if they have one. If not, you will go to the list on this page. Print this page and take it with you.

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Sol é Luna

Ti Bouchon

Restaurant Phone Cuisine Location
Sol é Luna 29 08 56 French Mont Vernon
Ti Bouchon (690) 64 84 64 French Cul de Sac
Au Grain du Sel 29 35 46 French/Pizza Anse Marcel
Karibuni 690 39 67 00 BBQ/Beach
Taïtu 87 43 23 French Mont Vernon
13 Travaux of Hercules 87 43 32 Créole/Pizza Cul de Sac
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